Glass Polish

Glass polish cleans and restores clarity by removing scratches, water spots, and imperfections from vehicle glass surfaces using micro-abrasives and cleaning agents.

Glass polish for a vehicle is an absolute must-have when it comes to maintaining the immaculate look of your car. With a specially formulated product that is designed to tackle a range of imperfections, including scratches, water spots and other unsightly marks, you can ensure that your vehicle’s windshield and glass surfaces remain crystal clear and pristine.

Using a combination of innovative technologies and advanced cleaning agents, glass polish will work tirelessly to remove any and all forms of damage on your car’s glass and will go above and beyond to restore the clarity and shine of the surface. Whether you’re dealing with water spots, scratches, small cracks or any other kind of imperfection, glass polish will restore your car’s glass to its former glory, making it look showroom-ready and as good as new.

Say goodbye to unsightly marks and hello to flawless glass with the help of glass polish today!

What includes in our Glass Polish Package

Prices of Glass Polish

Vehicle Size
Glass Polish Price
Car Shape Icons Hatchback
Small Sedan/Hatchback
5,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Sedan
6,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Mini SUV
Compact SUV
7,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons SUV
8,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons MPV
9,000 BDT

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