Interior Detailing

Clean and fresh vehicle interiors are important for hygiene and overall comfort. Proper care helps maintain their appearance like new.

A vehicle interior is the main part of detailing in our sense, because in every part, you are the person who directly using it. It should be clean, hygiene, always fresh. Hope you will agree no one wants to be in the middle of a dirty place. If you take diligent care of your vehicle interior, it will remain as fresh as it was brand new.

Interior deep cleaning is a comprehensive process, in terms of cleaning interior we must consider several things, so that nothing causes damage to its interior components. The process of thoroughly cleaning the interior of the vehicle to remove dirt, stains, grime and odors. It typically involves several steps.

What includes in our Interior Detailing Package

Prices of Interior Detailing

Vehicle Size
Interior Detailing Price
Car Shape Icons Hatchback
Small Sedan/Hatchback
6,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Sedan
7,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Mini SUV
Compact SUV
8,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons SUV
9,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons MPV
10,000 BDT

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