paint correction

Vehicle paint correction enhances car paint by removing scratches, swirls, water stains, and oxidation through professional machines, chemicals and techniques, preventing clear coat damage.

It is the process to restore and revitalize paintwork of a vehicle. The process removes swirls, any removable scratches (Scratches which still did not impact on Base color), Water Stain marks, remove paint oxidation caused by chemical, environment, or UV from sun. It requires special machines, chemicals, and a very skilled hand. Without a skilled hand there is always a risk of damaging too much clear coat from paint system.

It’s a step-by-step process, starting from vehicle washing, clay treatment, compounding and finishing by polishing. According to Existing Paint condition a skilled detailer can determine how abrasive compound to be use without damaging much clear coat from the surface.

After finishing the correction must use sealant to prevent paint work from further oxidation, sealant can be used short term or long term. An excellent quality hard wax or liquid wax can be used as short-term sealant, or it can be protected through Ceramic Coating which will be a long-term sealant for the paint.

What includes in our Paint Correction Package

Prices of Paint Correction

Vehicle Size
Paint Correction Price
Car Shape Icons Hatchback
Small Sedan/Hatchback
6,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Sedan
7,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons Mini SUV
Compact SUV
8,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons SUV
9,000 BDT
Car Shape Icons MPV
10,000 BDT

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