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Auto Mania Detailing Studio

First International Premium Detailing Studio In Bangladesh

Auto Mania, a premier auto detailing service, started in 2017 to bring world-class auto detailing to Bangladesh. With a focus on quality, customer service, and affordable pricing, it quickly became the go-to for premium brands seeking professional detailing. It provides unparalleled car detailing using state-of-the-art technology, innovative techniques, and experienced professionals, leaving vehicles looking and feeling new. Auto Mania has a stellar reputation due to its commitment to excellence and attracts an ever-expanding clientele of satisfied customers.

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Auto Mania Carr Wash

Car Wash

Car washes offer affordable services to maintain cars

Auto Mania Paint Corectiion

Paint Correction

Paint correction restores the shine to dull paint caused over long time

Auto Mania Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Protects and enhances against wear, scratches, and UV damage

Auto Mania Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film

A highly resistant to impacts and corrosion film to protect the body

Auto Mania Inteior Cleaning

Interior Detailing

Thoroughly cleans the interior to remove dirt, stains, grime and odors

Auto Mania Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Polish yellowed headlights caused by UV and poor maintenance

Auto Mania Glass Polish

Glass Polish

Restores clarity by removing imperfections, scratches & water spots

Auto Mania Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Applies a thin film on the window to reduce glare, protect against UV rays

Auto Mania Vinyl Wrapping 1

Vinyl Wrapping

Apply vinyl film to change vehicle color or texture without damaging paint.

Auto Mania Painting

Dent & Paint

Vehicle paint is applied to enhance appearance and protect from elements.

Auto Mania Wheel Rim Protectiion

Wheel Rims Protection

Protects the vehicle's rims with colorful & durable rubber strip.

Best Detailing Service

No. 1 in Detailing

Auto Mania is ensuring the best detailing service in Bangladesh. We do not compromise with quality.

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Real Experts

With so many experts in the country regarding automobiles, our experts are genuine experts and have certificates from the reputed Detailing Association and thousands of hours of training.

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We are not saying other service providers are inferior, we are saying once you try our service, no other service provider will come to your mind.

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